Welcome to Support Essentials

Hi, I’m Samantha, parent of neurodiverse children and the content curator of Support Essentials.

About Me

I live with my husband and two children on the south-east coast of Queensland, Australia.

We have a neurodiverse home.

I created Support Essentials as a resource for parents of neurodiverse kids.

My Mission

Through Support Essentials I’m here to support you and your family to work positively with your child’s neurodiversity.

I am sharing the knowledge, experience and strategies I have learnt over the years.

My Obsession

I love Essential Oils and they are a frequent and effective support for my family.

I’m dedicated to helping neurodiverse families and I can teach you all about using essential oils in your neurodiverse home.

My Journey as a Parent of Neurodiverse Children

I have two Autistic children – a son and a daughter.

One of my children was diagnosed early, and one of my children was diagnosed late.

I have one child who goes to school willingly, and another who displays school refusal on a daily basis.

One of my children was handed NDIS access, and for the other I had to fight all the way.

I have one child with a severe language disorder, and another child who talks non-stop.

One of my children displays a PDA Autism behavioural profile, and the other displays a more Classic Autism behavioural profile.

We struggle with anxiety in our household.

If you and I have any of the above in common, then Support Essentials is for you!
🗨 Wanna chat?  You can contact me via [email protected]