👋 Hi, I'm Samantha

I live with my husband and two kids on the south-east coast of Queensland, Australia.

We have a neurodiverse home.

Let me share a little about myself...

  • I have two Autistic children – a son and a daughter.
  • One of my children was diagnosed early, and one of my children was diagnosed late.
  • I have one child who goes to school willingly, and another who displays school refusal on a daily basis.
  • One of my children was handed NDIS access, and for the other I had to fight all the way.
  • I have one child with a severe language disorder, and another child who talks non-stop.
  • One of my children displays a PDA Autism behavioural profile, and the other displays a more Classic Autism behavioural profile.
  • Anxiety is rife in our household.

If you and I have any of the above in common, then Support Essentials is for you!

my mission

Through Support Essentials I’m here to support you and your family to work positively with your child’s neurodiversity.

I am sharing the knowledge, experience and strategies I have learnt over the years.

Plus I will give you ideas for sensory play, calming bedtimes, school anxiety, craft fun, and NDIS support.

🗨 Wanna chat?  You can contact me via [email protected]

My Obsession

I Love Essential Oils!

Essential Oils are a frequent and
effective support for my family.

I’m dedicated to helping neurodiverse families and I can teach you all about using essential oils in your neurodiverse home.