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Whether you’re living, sharing or building doTERRA, a blend index is a resource you can’t be without.


Great news! This doTERRA Blend Index has now been updated with doTERRA’s Kid’s Collection, Island Mint, Citrus Bloom, plus many more blends recently released by doTERRA.


Living doTERRA

Have you ever eagerly awaited the delivery of a new blend for your essential oil collection, only to pop the lid off, take a wiff, and realise it contains that one essential oil you just can’t stand the smell of?  “I wouldn’t have chosen that blend if I’d known” you think to yourself as you pop the blend in a drawer never to be used again.

Sharing doTERRA

You want to help out a neighbour by suggesting some blends to help calm their anxious child, but you know they are allergic to Lavender.  Don’t you wish there was a way you could quickly double check which ones to avoid?

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Building doTERRA

Your new customer loves the doTERRA Beautiful blend and wants to buy more like it.  You know Beautiful’s gorgeous scent can be attributed to Osmanthus.  Is Osmanthus used in any other doTERRA blends?

essential oils surrounding a tablet displaying a doterra blend index

A blend index is the perfect solution to all these problems.  It will save you hours of research (and that’s if you even know where to begin!).

So we here at Support Essentials have created one, and the good news is it is absolutely FREE.

Here’s a little sneak peek for you >

Our blend index contains a list of all the doTERRA essential oils and which blends they can be found in.  Once you have downloaded it you can keep in on your favourite device for easy reference or print it out if you prefer.


It also contains a list of all of the essential oils not currently sold as doTERRA singles that can also be found in various doTERRA blends.


Have you ever been confused by the name changes of a select number of doTERRA blends across different regions?  Well we’ve listed all of the a.k.a.’s too!

If you want in on this fabulous resource all you have to do is sign up to receive our latest DIY ideas, recipes, and newsletters straight to your inbox, and we will email you the doTERRA Blend Index for free.

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